Yousef Alqamoussi

He is a writer, teacher, and artist. He composes poetry, short stories, essays, and memoirs. He teaches secondary English and History and holds a Master of Education in ESL from Wayne State University. He lives in Dearborn, Michigan.

Courses Offered by Yousef Alqamoussi:

  • Beginner Chess

  • Beginner Salsa and Latin Dance

  • Beginner Spanish [Conversational]

  • Poetry Writing

Salsa, Poetry, Speech, Beginner Spanish

Hanan Yahya

Hanan Yahya is a community organizer, leader, educator and entrepreneur. She graduated in 2016 from the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor with a Bachelors of Arts in Social Theory and Practice and a concentration in Urban Studies; with minors in Entrepreneurship and Community Action and Social Change.

Courses Offered by Hanan Yahya:

  • GED Preparation

  • 21st Century Leadership

21st century leadership skills

Kamelya Yousef

Kamelya Omayma Youssef is a poet, writer, and graduate teaching assistant at Wayne State University, where she is working on her M.A. in English Literature. Her poems have been published in Mizna, Bird's Thumb, Dryland Lit, and others. She has also received several awards for her poetry and was recently a featured artist on the PBS series, Detroit Performs. Having grown up in a tight knit community, she firmly believes in the village's responsibility in raising the child; and in that, the village's responsibility to raise artists. She hosts a local open mic, serves as a board member of RAWI, and is a docent at the Arab American National Museum and a member of the Z Collective. And she also really likes to make pies and play ping pong.

Courses Offered by Kamelya Yousef:

  • The Art of Storytelling

Storytelling, Poetry

Yaser Hamdan

Yaser Hamdan is an athelete and an educator. He is currently the Dean of student affairs & Athletic Director at Universal Academy in Detroit. He grew up in Tampa Bay, Florida and moved to Michigan for his last years of high school and graduated from Star International Academy. He attended Wayne State University where he played football and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice. Following that, he then obtained a Masters Degree in Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health from the University of South Florida.

Courses Offered by Yaser Hamdan:

  • Nutrition and Weight Training

Nutrition & Weight Training

Asha Noor

Asha Noor is a racial justice and human rights advocate who served her community, and other marginalized groups for the last ten years. Noor currently is the Programming and Outreach Director at CAIR-MI for Safe Spaces, the largest Muslim civil rights organization. She worked both domestically and abroad in conflict zones with marginalized communities, including women, afro-indigenous groups, refugees, religious minorities and trauma victims. She holds a MS in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University’s School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, and BA in Political Science from Michigan State University.

Courses Offered by Asha Noor:

  • Social Justice 101

Social Justice 101

Jenna Hamid

Jenna is a Palestinian American Muslim with an academic background in fashion and fine arts, constantly experimenting with word, color, cloth, and imagery. Growing up at the intersection of her identities, she became aware of many social issues here, there and in between: issues with targeted minority communities within the U.S., the complexities of diaspora, and the atrocities in the Arab and Muslim world. This inevitably inspired her direction of work professionally, communally, and artistically, allowing her to pursue graduate studies, in hopes of immersing in a career dedicated to giving back what the world has so fruitfully given her.

Courses Offered by Jenna Hamid:

  • Art and Activism

  • Thinking Critically in the Fashion Industry


Ber-henda Williams

Ber-Henda is a graduate of Wayne State University with a degree in Spanish and a minor in International Marketing. She is also a Dale Carnegie and Toast Masters alumnai. Williams is also a bilingual poet with more than 20 years dedicated to the craft. She has hosted and performed at numerous cultural events around the metro-area including: Festival of the Arts, Dally in the Ally, Academia del pueblo at WSU and Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers. She is a community activist and lives in the intersections of race, gender and culture. She is the founder of The Power of Girlhood, a Girl's Leadership Organization for teens. Ber-Henda holds to tight to the pillars of: Culture, Community and Connection.

Courses offered by Ber-henda:

  • Lead(hers) Of The New School!

  • Stand, Speak, And Deliver

Leadership Development for Girls, Emotional Intelligence (youth & adults), Storytelling for your business

Ame Del Real

America Del Real is a mother, dance instructor, educator, and member of the Raiz Up art collective. America has sought to define her identity as an artist and first generation Mexican-American using dance to open dialogue, preserve cultural/ancestral traditions and raise awareness of social issues. At the age of 5, she stepped into her first set of dance shoes, practicing jazz, ballet, Mexican Folklorico and other dance styles. In 2010, she cofounded one of the largest metro Detroit Folkloric groups, Joyas De Mexico, now comprised of 50+ members and also teaches Detroit’s Raices Mexicanas dance group.

Courses Offered by Ame Del Real :

  • Intro to Dance

Intro to Dance-Mexican Folklore1

Idrees Mutahr

Idrees Mutahr is a graphic designer and photographer. He graduated from Wayne State University with a Bachelors in Industrial Design and Photography. He is an advocate for public transit and active mobility as a means of achieving sustainability, health, and promoting social equality. Idrees is on the board of Motor City Freedom Riders, a Detroit area grassroots transit advocacy organization. He currently works as a freelance graphic designer.

Courses Offered by Idrees Mutahr:

  • Photography 101


Yusra Muflahi

Yusra graduated from Wayne State University receiving her Bachelors in Social Work and Psychology and her Masters in Macro Social Work with a concentration in Innovations to Community, Policy and Leadership. She is currently a Child and Adult Mental Health Therapist. Yusra is also a community organizer in the Dearborn/Detroit community and is the founder of MY-Mental Wellness - a committee that normalizes mental health and wellness through creative therapy, education and resources.

Courses Offered by Yusra Muflahi:

  • Mental Wellness

Mental Health Care

Agnes Fischer

I've always been a seeker. Growing up, I was always the type of kid who would wander off on my own to explore and discover new things in nature; always seeking meaning, symbols and secrets in the wold around me. I didn't know exactly what I wanted to be "when I grew up", but I knew I wanted to live as my authentic self and submerge myself in creativity and expression. That is why I am both a Professional Photographer and Yoga instructor. After years of practicing Yoga, I decided to pursue a certification so that I would be able to properly heal myself from a bad back injury that occurred in 2013. I need to learn anatomy and how our muscles and skeletal system functioned in harmony with one another. I have been teaching now for 2 years. My practice has evolved and unfolded tremendously over the past two years...and continues to do so. Yoga is a passion of mine that I wake up and do daily. I focus on a breath centered practice that instills the physical and spiritual aspects of Yoga. The Yin and the Yang.

Courses Offered by Agnes Fischer:

  • Yoga 101: Traditional Vinysa Flow

  • Yoga 102: Traditional Vinyasa Flow

Yoga Instructor, Photographer

Wissam Charafeddine

Wissam Charafeddine is an Entrepreneur, Educator, Activist, Humanist, Engineer, and a Teacher who manages time and utilizes technology to maximize his contribution to and experience in life. His specialties include: Distribution, Nonprofit, Activism, Social Networking, Multi-level Networking, Blogging, Web Development, Youth Empowerment, Electrical Engineering, Software Development, Web Analytics, and Front End Development.

Courses Offered by Wissam Charafeddine:

  • Super Planner

Super Planner

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