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Creativity is Intentional

June 30, 2017

Since grade school, I synonymized the term artist with creative. Although there are mutual characteristics that fall under these terms, to be creative does not exactly mean you have to be an artist. So for a long time, I believed that because I was not naturally gifted in things like drawing and painting, I never bothered to explore my creativity. 


What I have come to understand is everyone is creative, including me! In fact, creativity is intentional and there are ways one can actively increase their levels of creativity too.



"Dr. Michael Kirton, a renowned British psychologist, demonstrated through his research that all of us are born creative in our own ways. But the key to tapping into this creativity is understanding that our approaches to creativity differ in terms of level and style. With this knowledge in hand, you only need to apply some key how-to aspects in order to unleash your creative potential." (leanmethods)


"This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. “Growing up makes us less creative. Therefore we have to re-learn creativity, and luckily there are multiple ways to do so,” says Balder Onarheim, PhD."



 "In everyday language, ‘creativity’ is often used in relation to artistic creation. But amongst scholarly researchers it is acknowledged that creativity is one of the most crucial human traits.Balder is PhD and creativity researcher at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and the founder of the Copenhagen Institute of NeuroCreativity – an institute devoted to understand and disseminate knowledge about the neurological underpinnings of creativity.“Creativity is not just about art – it is one of the most crucial human traits. It lies at the heart of innovation, thus it is not a superficial skill but a necessity for human survival,” says he says."


Are you now convinced you're a creative too? Here's a tip: turn off your phone and take a walk outside. Embrace everything around you, take deep breaths, daydream, and I guarantee some of the best ideas will just come to you. 





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